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Mais apoio da Comissão para #Regiões Industriais para criar economias resilientes e competitivas

| Março 13, 2018

The Commission has selected 7 additional EU regions and member states for tailored assistance under the Commission pilot action on industrial transition: Cantabria (Spain), Centre-Val de Loire (France), East-North Finland, Grand-Est (France) and Greater Manchester (United Kingdom) as well as Lithuania and Slovenia, in addition to the regions already selected em Dezembro 2017.

Regional Policy Commissioner Corina Creţu said: XCHARXIndustrial transition is a major challenge for our economy and society. I am very glad that we will be working with 10 regions and two member states to help them make full use of their strengths and potentials to embrace innovation, decarbonization, digitization, and to develop the skills for the future.XCHARX

The selected authorities will be able to develop or redesign strategies for regional economic transformation based on their especialização inteligente priorities i.e. the regions’ niche areas of competitive strengths. Tailored assistance will be offered by the Commission services, external experts and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCDE) to help prepare for the jobs of the future, broaden innovation, support the transition to a low-carbon economy, encourage entrepreneurship and promote inclusive growth.

A Comunicado de imprensa e um factsheet are available online. More information on smart specialisation in the participating Member states and regions is available on Website da DG REGIO.

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